1- Personal Training Qi Gong.

Qi Qong Workshop, It is a brief and intensive course of Qi Qong, starting with a special assessment of your energy status, known as EPI (Integrated Personal Energy) through a test called Acugraph. Once known the results are taught to you in a practical way The Qi Qong called Ba Dua Jin (8 treasures or pieces of brocade) each movement that is performed is oriented to improve a certain meridian or organ. So according to the results of the Test that was initially applied to you, you can practice them much more effectively .Remember that movements combined with breathing will help correct the deficiencies or excesses you suffer.As you can see, this is a course never seen in this way in the West, since you learn briefly a gymnastics ( healing movements ) that generates more energy and in a few days through personal training improves your balance both physical and emotional.The price to be agreed according to the days and hours of practical instruction , displacement, transport, stay (from 5 to 8 days)with your personal trainer. If you are interested in this training, please contact with me in medicinachina@telefonica.net.


 3-Síndrome Post Vacacional
Recomendaciones de un especialista sobre el Síndrome Post Vacacional